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"What drives my overwhelming passion as a fashion photographer is my intrigue with the depth and complexity of the female personality as how it relates to her physicality. How each of these amazing facets interprets the emotional and physical projections of a woman as she exists in moments of time."
"As I become enveloped into the artist world of fashion design and beauty, with its complex illumination of female mood and form. I see myself as a passionate observer, momentarily overwhelmed with the aura and allure of this female existence to which I transcend into symbolic visual iconic illustration. The turning of a beautiful, exquisite gemstone in front of my lens, igniting each of these facets of mood and emotion as a symbiosis of interpretation of fashion, beauty, and feminine physicality."

BILL WALTERS has hurled himself with unbridled passion into the world of photography and video imaging as a fusing of true reality and digital abstraction blending together as one creation.

BILL WALTERS thru 35 years of artistic development managed to break the structural boundaries of the realism of using film as a slice of time recording medium and open his true artistic vision in fashion, beauty, fine art, and advertising imaging thru digital manipulation, while still maintaining the true internal passion and intensity of his models and subjects whilst transcending the designer's true vision of their creations. His early developmental background of being a photographer's assistant in a world of getting it right in camera, as there was no post, developed his mind's eye into a world of cerebral visual abstraction. His friendly and relaxed personality allows his models, team members and clients to feel free in collaborating together to create the ultimate concepts.

BILL WALTERS abridged resume reads as such:
35 years' experience in the commercial art world.
He has worked with numerous ad agencies, design firms, art galleries and museums, including "The Metropolitan Museum of Art" in NYC as well as Fortune 500 corporations in the New York metro area and abroad, along with state and federal government agencies and non-profits.
He has work in a freelance capacity as a photographer- video producer-graphic designer-art director-creative director-motion graphic designer.
He has taught photography, computer art, graphic design, video production, web site, and motion graphic design as an adjunct professor.
He was a student mentor and staff advisor on the Art advisory boards for several colleges and universities in the NY metro area, as well as member of the Art Directors Club of NJ, and a committee member on the education council and awards committee.

BILL WALTERS promises total professionalism and commitment to his clients projects, whether it is a portrait, a hi-street luxury brand, or a Fortune 500 client. He will always bring forth unique custom tailored imaging.

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Bill Walters


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