Quick Answer: Does Apple Do Financing?

Apple Financial Services offers financing for more than just your Apple equipment.

Get services, accessories, AppleCare, and third-party gear all in one payment.

Leasing Apple gear benefits your cash flow.

For qualifying businesses, leasing equipment often means paying less over time than an initial cash purchase.

Does Apple do a payment plan?

Can I use Apple Card for my monthly payments? Yes, you can use Apple Card as your monthly payment method. You’ll get 3% Daily Cash each time you make a payment.

Does Apple do payment plans on Macbooks?

First off, check out the Apple Store for Education to save up to $200 off that new Mac. To my knowledge, only the Apple Online Store offers financing in the form of applying for a new Barclay’s card. Apple is not a bank. If you qualify, you may be able to finance it using a Barclaycard credit card.

Does Apple offer interest free financing?

The card advertises “special financing on purchases made at Apple” — windows of time during which interest will be deferred (not waived), based on how much you spend on a qualifying purchase: Less than $499: You’ll get 180 days to pay the balance without interest.

What credit score do I need for Apple financing?

You can get an iPhone with any credit score, but you will need a score of at least 700 to obtain financing through the Apple Credit Card.