How Can I Enroll In BPI Online?

How to Enroll in BPI Expressonline

  • Go to BPI Expressonline ( then click on “Enroll Now”.
  • Select your location from the options provided.
  • Read the Internet Banking Service Agreement.
  • Submit your deposit account information.
  • Fill out the EOL REgistration Form.
  • A confirmation page will appear.
  • You’re Done!

How can I register for BPI mobile banking?

Funds transfer

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Funds Transfer & Exchange and a list of options will be shown as a drop-down items.
  3. Choose enroll-third party.
  4. Choose the enrollment method convenient for you.
  5. Fill in the information (Account Name and Account Number) of the third-party that you want to enroll.

Can I enroll my BPI passbook online?

STEP 1: Go to and choose “Enroll Now!” under Online Banking log in. STEP 3: Provide the required information. (If you would like to enroll additional accounts, third-party accounts, loans, cards, and prepaid phones, please indicate these as well.)

How do I add another account to my online banking?

How do I add an account to my existing online banking account? In Online Banking, you can go to the Customer Service Tab, select “Manage Account Preferences”, and then select the “Add” button. You will need to enter the Product Type and Account Number and select “Add”. Most accounts will appear instantly.