Question: How Can I Save On My Gas Bill In The Winter?

Turn the thermostat down: This is the easiest intervention you can make to lower your gas bill in the winter, and one of the most effective.

According to the Department of Energy, if you bring the thermostat down by 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day, you can reduce your fuel bill by as much as 10 percent.

Why is my gas bill so high in the winter?

5 Reasons Your Natural Gas Bill is High in Winter. Across the U.S., temperatures are cooling down and homes are heating up. Another thing on the rise is the household natural gas bill. The primary reason the cost of natural gas goes up in the winter is because that’s when we use energy to keep warm.

How can I lower my gas bill in the winter?

Below are our five easy DIY tips to decrease your natural gas bills during the winter.

  • Turn Down Your Home Thermostat.
  • Start Insulating Your Windows.
  • Use the Sun.
  • Decrease Water Temperature.
  • Adjust the Fireplace.

How can I save money on my gas bill?

If you’d like to reduce your heating bills even further this season, consider giving some of these free or low-cost tips a try.

  1. Learn to love socks.
  2. Tap heat that’s there anyway.
  3. Lower your thermostat.
  4. Watch that water heater.
  5. Consider a programmable thermostat.
  6. Don’t let heat escape unnecessarily.
  7. Call for a checkup.

Why did my gas bill go up?

Possible reasons for a gas bill which is higher than usual include: You have used your gas heater more or had more hot water showers due to unseasonably cold weather during the bill period. Some of your gas appliances may be faulty or inefficient and used more energy as a result.