Question: How Do I Get A Copy Of My Electric Bill?

How can I duplicate my electricity bill Adani?

Choose any of the following options to receive a duplicate copy of your electricity bill: Download a copy from your customised My Account on or on the mobile app.

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How do I duplicate a bill?

How do I create a duplicate of the bill created?

  • Go to the bills module and select the bill which needs to be duplicated.
  • Select the More drop down and click on Clone.
  • A new bill window will open up containing the details of the bill which is to be duplicated.
  • Change any details if necessary and click on Save.

How do I find my electricity account number?

You can usually find your electricity supply number on your electricity bill. It’s a 21 digit number which usually starts with an ‘S’ and will be in either a table or a row. It is also known as an MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number). Alternatively, contact your existing supplier.

How can I know my Meralco bill?

There are two ways to view your electronic bills.

  1. Via email notification. Click the link to your electric bill in the bill notification sent to your registered email address.
  2. Via Meralco Online. Log in to your Meralco Online Account and access the View Bills facility.