Is Littlefoot A Diplodocus?

Is Littlefoot a brontosaurus?

Littlefoot is called a Brontosaurus on the original video cover for the first film, and then on the clamshell case he is called a Brachiosaurus.

He was also called a Brachiosaurus at Rotten and at

In the media, Littlefoot is alternatively referred to as an Apatosaurus and a Brontosaurus.

What kind of dinosaur is Spike?

The main characters include Littlefoot (Apatosaurus), Cera (Triceratops), Ducky (Saurolophus), Petrie (Pteranodon), Spike (Stegosaurus), and in the spin-off television series and the fourteenth movie, Chomper and Ruby (Oviraptor).

Where was the diplodocus found?

Many Diplodocus fossils have been found in the Rocky Mountains of the western USA (in Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming). FOSSILS: The first Diplodocus fossil was found by Earl Douglass and Samuel W. Williston in 1877.

Is Spike from Land Before Time autistic?

Appearances. Spike (a.k.a. Gentle Giant Spike, as he is called on the official site, and referred to as by fans) is the tritagonist in The Land Before Time and a major character in the Land Before Time sequels and television series. He is a Stegosaurus, which is referred to as a “Spiketail” in the films and TV series.