Is Mobile Banking Necessary For UPI?

Originally Answered: Is it necessary to register for Mobile banking to use UPI?

No, if you are looking to accept payment you just need a smartphone and a mobile number registered with your bank account.

And to make any payment you’ll need a MPIN, which can only be set if you have debit card.

Do we need net banking for UPI?

Online payments can now be made securely without having to log in to net banking, or keying in CVV numbers and card details. In addition, UPI runs on your phone and lets you make offline payments with ease. UPI brings the ease and utility of net banking to your fingertips!18 Jul 2017

What is required for UPI?

4. Requirements For UPI

  • You must have a saving or current bank account.
  • The bank should have a registered mobile number.
  • You should have the debit card.
  • The mobile number should be active on your current handset.
  • There should be some balance to send SMS.
  • To use UPI mobile app, you must have a smartphone.

Do we need net banking for Bhim?

The BHIM app has made it much easier for users to transact using UPI based payments. You don’t need a virtual payment address or bank account number. While the user will need internet access to use this app and service, they do not need to activate the internet banking facility to use this service.14 Feb 2017

How do you use UPI?

Initiate a Payment Request

  1. Login to Pockets app and tap on ‘UPI’.
  2. Click on ‘Send Money using VPA (UPI)’.
  3. Fill in details, amount and remarks. If you have multiple accounts / virtual payment addresses, choose the VPA you would like to debit.
  4. Check the details and click on ‘Confirm’ to initiate your Fund Transfer.