Quick Answer: Is Phone Service Required For DSL?

DSL Internet connection is a technology that uses a phone line for access to the Internet.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a phone line/jack in your home.

However, you don’t need to pay for phone service if you don’t want it.

Do I need a DSL filter if I have no phone?

Also, when some phones ring, they can generate noise in the DSL band, so you’ll want them for that. Since on a dry loop you have no phones, no need for filters. If you have phones, you generally need filters. Although, you can sometimes get away without them.

Will a regular phone cord work for DSL?

If you place filters on the phone cord that connects directly to the DSL modem, the latter will not work, stripping out the Internet signal from the phone to the modem. Electronics shops often carry microfilters; however, in most cases, your DSL service provider or your phone company can provide one for you.

Does DSL use phone line?

DSL is a very high-speed connection that uses the same wires as a regular telephone line. DSL doesn’t necessarily require new wiring; it can use the phone line you already have. The company that offers DSL will usually provide the modem as part of the installation.

Do I need phone service for CenturyLink® DSL? CenturyLink offers High-Speed Internet services that do not require a home phone line. Depending on location, the connection speeds available may vary.