Quick Answer: What Is Eating My Carrots?

Why are my carrots so tiny?

Most often, when carrots turn out small or underdeveloped it is because the soil they are growing in is not loose enough for them.

Carrots that are overcrowded also tend to turn out small, so when you are growing carrots, you must thin them out earlier than many other crops..

What is eating my carrot tops?

Vegetable Weevils Chewed carrot leaves could be a sign of adult weevil feeding. If adults are present above ground, larvae are likely underground. Carrots infested with weevil larvae are inedible. Use sticky barriers to prevent weevils from moving around the garden and further damaging your carrot crop.

What animal eats carrots?

Everybody knows that bunnies eat carrots, right? Except they don’t, really. In the wild, rabbits aren’t in the habit of digging up root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and beets. They much prefer wild greens, such as grasses and clover.

How do you protect carrots from pests?

The rich scent of carrots attracts the attention of a pest called carrot root fly.Choose resistant varieties.Avoid thinning out.Cover with fleece.Make fly barriers.Grow with alliums.Mix with other crops.Sow later.Rotate your crops.More items…

Can you eat carrots with holes in them?

They’re most likely holes left by larvae of the carrot fly, and they may long have left and turned into flies. Even if you do inadvertently cook one in the soup, consider it an extra bit of protein, it won’t harm you, although if you’re vegetarian, you might want to slice them quite finely to make sure.

What causes holes in carrots?

That is a huge carrot! This is actually called Rhomboiditis and it happens when the Carrot doesn’t get enough nutrients from the soil for a period of time so it forms a Rhombus. …