What Animals Have Gone Extinct Recently?

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Great auk

Steller’s sea cow


Passenger pigeon

Pyrenean ibex


What animal went extinct in 2018?

We lost these animal species forever in 2018. These are the species that went extinct in 2018. The Spix macaw, which you might recognize as the blue parrot from ‘Rio,’ is now extinct in the wild, due to habitat loss from unsustainable deforestation. Approx. 60 to 80 of the last Spix macaws now live in captivity.

What is the most recent extinct animal?

The tiny vaquita porpoise will likely go extinct in the next few years, as less than 30 are left in the world. Discovered in 1958, the vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal and could go extinct any day, according to the World Wildlife Foundation.

What animals went extinct in the last 100 years?

10 animals that have gone extinct in the last century

  • Baiji dolphin. Year declared extinct: 2007.
  • Thylacine, also known as ‘Tasmanian wolf’ or ‘Tasmanian tiger’ Year declared extinct: 1986.
  • Pinta tortoise. Year declared extinct: 2012.
  • Golden toad. Year declared extinct: 1989.
  • Caribbean monk seal. Year declared extinct: 2008.
  • Caspian tiger.
  • Formosan clouded leopard.
  • Pyrenean ibex.

What animals are becoming extinct?

Rhinos. Three of the five species in the family of Rhinocerotidae, are among the most endangered species in the world: the Black Rhino, the Javan Rhino and the Sumatran Rhino. The Javan Rhino is the most threatened with extinction with the total population of only 60 surviving in one National Park in Java, Indonesia.

What Rhino just went extinct 2018?

As of March 2018, there are only two rhinos of the northern white rhino left, both of which are female. They live in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and are protected round-the-clock by armed guards. Their near extinction is due to decades of rampant poaching for rhino horn.

Which is the rarest creature in the world?

The vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal, discovered in 1958 and having been driven almost to extinction since then.

How many species go extinct every day?

Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the “natural” or “background” rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago.

Is the dodo bird extinct?

Although the dodo bird became extinct in 1681, its story is not over. We are just beginning to understand the effects of its extinction on the ecosystem. Recently a scientist noticed that a certain species of tree was becoming quite rare on Mauritius.

Why did the dodo go extinct?

It’s commonly believed that the dodo went extinct because Dutch sailors ate the beast to extinction after finding that the bird was incredibly easy to catch due to the fact it had no fear of humans, (why it didn’t fear the creature many times its size is a mystery for another day).

What animals became extinct in the last 10 years?

10 Animals That Have Gone Extinct In The Past Decade

  1. 10 Alaotra Grebe.
  2. 9 Pinta Tortoise.
  3. 8 Formosan Clouded Leopard.
  4. 7 Caribbean Monk Seal.
  5. 6 Liverpool Pigeon.
  6. 5 West African Black Rhinoceros.
  7. 4 Christmas Island Pipistrelle.
  8. 3 Madagascar Hippopotamus.

How did dinosaurs die?

The Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, or the K-T event, is the name given to the die-off of the dinosaurs and other species that took place some 65.5 million years ago. For many years, paleontologists believed this event was caused by climate and geological changes that interrupted the dinosaurs’ food supply.

How many species have gone extinct in the last 500 years?

They found that for every 10,000 species in the world, about two of them die off every century. In the past 100 years alone, however, about 500 species have become extinct instead of the nine species that would have been expected at natural rates.

Will cows ever go extinct?

It’s somewhat of a human hallmark, making other species extinct, although we’ve kept cows around for both food and leather. But at this accelerated pace, species go extinct at an astronomical level. Between 24-100 species every day become extinct, and that’s a conservative estimate.

How many animals have gone extinct?

More than 99 percent of all species, amounting to over five billion species, that ever lived on Earth are estimated to have died out. Estimates on the number of Earth’s current species range from 10 million to 14 million, of which about 1.2 million have been documented and over 86 percent have not yet been described.

How many species have gone extinct because of humans?

Applying the same statistical approach to extinction data revealed a rate of 100 to 1,000 species lost per million per year, mostly due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change. (See: “7 Species Hit Hard by Climate Change—Including One That’s Already Extinct.”)