What Is The Importance Of Wildlife Management?

Wildlife Management Areas

These are lands which are set aside for the purpose of increasing wildlife numbers by protecting wildlife and key habitat.

One of the major goals of a wildlife management areas is to protect at least a minimal number of animals so the population can increase.

Why is it important to manage wildlife?

The purpose of wildlife management is to maintain populations of wild animals at levels consistent with the best interest of wildlife and the public. Disease, loss of habitat, improper hunting management, drought and invasive species are some of the reasons why numbers of animals can change.

What is the important of wildlife?

Wild life provides a stability to different natural processes of nature. The importance of wildlife can be categorized as ecological importance, economic importance, investigatory importance, conservation of biological diversities etc. Wildlife helps in maintaining the balance of nature.

What is the definition of wildlife management?

Wildlife management. Game keeping is the management or control of wildlife for the well being of game and may include killing other animals which share the same niche or predators to maintain a high population of the more profitable species, such as pheasants introduced into woodland.

Why is urban wildlife important?

Wildlife is an important component of the environment, even in highly modified areas such as towns, villages, suburbs, and cities. Wildlife can positively or negatively influence the quality of human life in these areas. The policy of The Wildlife Society, in regard to urban wildlife, is to: 1.