Question: What Is The Pinprick Test Used For?

With this test, the pinprick test is used to assess perception of pain.

Warn the patient about this before undertaking this examination.

You could also test for light touch sensation along with this examination for an assessment of the dorsal column/medial lemniscus pathways too (see Section 8.2).

How do you test pinprick sensation?



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Neurologic Examination of the Foot: Pin Prick Testing – YouTube


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How do you test a sensory system?



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Macleod’s examination of the sensory system of the upper limbs


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How do you assess Stereognosis?

Test stereognosis by asking the patient to close their eyes and identify the object you place in their hand. Place a coin or pen in their hand. Repeat this with the other hand using a different object. Astereognosis refers to the inability to recognize objects placed in the hand.

What is monofilament test?

Monofilament testing is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and portable test for assessing the loss of protective sensation, and it is recommended by several practice guidelines to detect peripheral neuropathy in otherwise normal feet. 1,5,6.