Quick Answer: What Network Does Dodo Run On?

Does dodo use Optus or Telstra network?

Dodo is a majority retailer – they don’t own their own network, and rely on Optus, Telstra and Eftel to provide the bulk of their connections – mostly Optus.

And even though Optus Wholesale is quite affordable for smaller ISPs, Dodo’s price is still remarkably cheap, given the factors involved.

What network does dodo use?

Optus network

Is Dodo connected to Telstra?

Dodo is responsible in supplying these services to our customers and we have no other affiliation or relationship with our wholesalers outside of our wholesale agreements. The only way to 100% guarantee you are put onto Telstra is with a Telstra home phone and NOT a Dodo home phone.

Is Dodo a good Internet provider?

Broadband internet is nevertheless Dodo’s core business, offering a comprehensive range of ADSL2+, NBN and mobile internet services. Dodo also provides some of the cheapest broadband plans around.